which side will you take?


The power of magic has recently been revealed!

The centuries of persecution created a deep mistrust among magical practitioners that could not be overcome. The uneasy truce between witchcraft and voodoo has come to an end, and now a bitter feud has erupted. Witches struck first with losses on both sides. As punishment for their enemies, a powerful voodoo shaman raised the fallen witches into soulless zombies as a powerful weapon against the witches. However, the zombies were stronger than expected and could not be controlled. Now the zombies attack both sides, and you are caught in the middle. Your only hope is to gather any survivors you can find and make it through to the safe zone. The path will be beset with hungry zombies, and along the way you may be recruited by both sides looking to add to their strength in this magical standoff.

Which side will you take?

Witch Voodoo Survivor