will you side with the voodoo shaman?

Voodoo developed from a set of West African practices that were brought to America during the slave trade. As practitioners were exposed to western religions and forced to give up their own faith, voodoo adopted some new ideas and now combines African, Native American, and even Christian elements. When it became clear how voodoo could empower those who would otherwise be marginalized, its practice was strictly forbidden and was forced underground. It has been used in secret ever since to help the community. Voodoo rituals are more aggressive than witchcraft and are often performed in groups.

Centuries of secrecy led to a natural mistrust among magical practitioners that could not be overcome. Once the power of magic could be hidden no longer, an initial attempt to work together failed, and voodoo and witchcraft went to war. After fighting off an attack from witches, a powerful voodoo witch doctor raised the fallen into soulless zombies as punishment. However, the zombies proved too powerful, and the voodooists hope to add new blood to protect themselves.