There’s Been an Outbreak

There has been an outbreak of a zombie virus that has led to the downfall of our society. Now, your only hope is to gather whatever survivors you can find and make your way to the green zone, a rumored area that is safe from infection. The path will be full of hungry zombies, so you must be able to outrun and outwit the infected.

Runners will be given three “life flags,” which they will try to protect. Zombies will try to take your lives as you move through the course. The runners who complete the course in the shortest amount of time with lives remaining will receive prizes. You should still complete the course if you lose all your life flags, but you will be considered infected. You should use evasive techniques, but runners are not allowed to be aggressive with the zombies or other runners. Come dressed to run or in costume. Stick around to party with friends or take pictures with your favorite characters.

Whether you are an avid runner or a couch potato, this will be one of Tulsa’s most unique experiences. The Zombie Outbreak Two Mile Adventure run is presented by Hex House, one of the nation’s best haunted attractions. As experts in horror, we can promise you an event to remember.